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China, Cuba sign a number of accords

BEIJING, July 24 (Xinhuanet) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping has completed his two-day visit to Cuba, the last leg of his Latin America tour. During his visit, the two sides signed a dozen agreements in a wide range of areas.

During a ceremony at the Palace of the Revolution, the two sides signed 29 accords, ranging from finance to biotechnology, agriculture and tourism. There are new interest-free loans for infrastructure projects, credit to boost trade and extend Cuba’s debt repayments to China.

The value of China’s loads and credit to Cuba has not been disclosed.

The Cuban press has been following the tour extensively, and almost the entire front page of Wednesday’s official newspaper Granma is dedicated to the visit, including photographs of Xi with Cuba’s former leader Fidel Castro.

Castro, who turns 88 next month, received a large bronze bust of himself in his youth from Xi.

From Havana, Xi flew on to Cuba’s second city Santiago. Two years ago, the city and its surrounding were devastated by Hurricane Sandy, and China was among the first to fly in much needed aid and assistance. Now China will continue helping with the recovery.

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